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About the Origin of Bob
In fall of 1997, I had a very boring class, so during class I wrote a program called WEBTris. As soon as I put it on the Web, I discovered that "Webtris" already existed, so I added bombs and different levels to make it unique and called it Super WEBTris. I then decided to try my hand at a more difficult game. My goal was to make a full arcade-style game using only JavaScript. I called this "Project: BOB". During that same class, I began writing BOB, which soon evolved from a theoretical project to a major project. I put BOB on the Net in March 1998.

Screen Shot: Project BOB
I don't do much aside from playing and creating the coolest games ever made and keeping this Web site updated, but I do like rock climbing, geology, and playing Trivial Pursuit.

My Interests
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