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Welcome to My Games Web Page!
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سوق الكمبيوتر المستعمل

Screen Shot: Project BOB
BOB is a full-function arcade game, using the keys seen at the left (which you can redefine). BOB is programmed entirely in HTML/JavaScript and has 36 different screens and 3 different enemies, 2 of which move. The image at the left shows keys and doors, which are dynamic---once you get them, they're gone (until the next game!). Try BOB out, or read more about creating Bob in the About and What's New section.

More information about Hyper Lander


Only 32 images are used to create BOB (six images are for BOB himself). The data that draws BOB has over 3:1 compression (but is on the same page). BOB works on all computer platforms using a proper browser (it even works on a Unix workstation -- there are special automatic adjustments for speed on HP workstations). BOB does not rely on any Applets or CGI Script pushing. The page of BOB is about 25kb, and the images for BOB are less than 7kb (most average pages have over 30kb).
More information about BOB